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(upgraded workouts and User's Guide from T&F Training 2012)

Be a better and more efficient coach.  Learn and have fun while doing it.


bullet EFFECTIVE -  Get better results from your coaching.
bullet EFFICIENT -  Spend less time & effort in designing your training program and writing workouts.
bullet LEARN - T&F Training explains what to do, how to do it, and why you're doing it.
bullet FUN -  T&F Training is interactive; the ultimate computer game for the track & field coach.


bullet SCIENTIFICALLY BASED & HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL TRAINING PROGRAMAuthor -  Lyle Knudson, Ed.D. in Sports Sciences; coach at youth, club, high school, university, and international levels; developed 47 NCAA All-Americans, 41 USA internationalists, 7 Olympians.  User's Guide includes the scientific justification of "what to do" and "how to do it".
bullet COMPLETE -  Includes training for all track & field (plus cross country and road racing) events.  Day Workouts include warm-up & warm-down, and speed, technique, endurance, power, & strength training.  Cycle Workouts include the technique/endurance training for entire training cycles.
bullet EASY -  Just point & click.  Uses Windows procedures (e.g., menus, option buttons, text boxes).  Runs on all Windows operating systems.  (Sorry -  Macintosh and DOS versions are no longer available)
bullet SMART, FAST, & INTERACTIVE -  As you change the training parameters (date, event, training days, etc.) T&F Training instantaneously changes related parameters and generates the corresponding workout(s).  T&F Training "remembers" the training parameters between uses, so you don't have to start from scratch each use.  Valid for any dates between 1/1/100AD and 12/31/9999.
bullet FLEXIBLE -  Allows you to set the training parameters for your workouts (e.g., macro-cycle & meso-cycle breakdowns, lengths of cycles, training days, training objective, training type, training method).  If you don't like a recommended Day Workout or series of Cycle Workouts, just change the parameters or edit the workouts until you get what you want.
bullet EDUCATIONAL -  Learn as you use T&F Training:  how to structure a successful training-competition program, what parameters need to be considered when designing quality workouts, and the justifications for doing what you do.
bullet VISUAL -  All training parameters are set on one Design Page.  The complete workout for a specific day is on a Day Workout Page.  The endurance/technique workouts for an entire cycle are on a Cycle Workouts Page.  Just point and click to change from page to page.  Each page may be instantly sent to your printer, again by pointing and clicking.  All pages are in living color (red, white & blue, of course), and will appear that way on paper if you have a color printer.


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Design Page
All training parameters are set on one Design Page.
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Day Workout Page
The complete workout for a specific day is on a Day Workout Page. 
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Cycle Workout Page
The endurance/technique workouts for an entire cycle are on a Cycle Workouts Page.
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T&F TRAINING 2016 may NOT be ordered on-line.  You must:
1.  Print out the order form (A.  Select the Order Form;  B.  File > Print > O Selection > OK)
2.  Complete the information on the Order Form.
3.  Mail the Order Form with check ($237 for original order; $37 if upgrade to T&F Training 2000, 2004, 2008, or 2012; $137 if upgrade to T&F Training DOS version, prior to 2000) or purchase order included.  4.  Mail to -  TRACK-TECH.COM, PO Box 4805, Frisco, CO 80443, USA.

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For Additional Information, contact: 

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