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T&F Development Technical Articles

"T&F Development Technical Articles"  includes science-based papers devoted to track/field applications.  The Athletic Science Journals (ASJ's) are formal peer-reviewed research articles.  The Athletic Science Bulletins (ASB's) are opinion, but science-based, articles.  The purpose of this not-for-profit project is to provide more reliable technical information to aid the development of  track & field athletes and coaches.

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Please send the following articles.  Enclosed is $_____, for _____ articles, at $2.50 per article.

___ ASJ, V1-1, December, 1988; ASJ Policies & Procedures, Biomechanics References
___ ASJ, V1-2, January, 1989; Hay, J.  Biomechanics References
___ ASJ, V1-3, May, 1989; Brown, C.H.  Anabolic Steroids And Testosterone Abuse In Athletics
___ ASB, V!-1, July, 1989; Tschiene, P.  Finally A Theory Of Training - To Overcome Doping
___ ASJ, VI-4, August, 1989; Knudson, L.  A Biomechanical Analysis Of Power Vs. Speed Techniques In Shot Putting
___ ASB, V1-2, September, 1989; Konig, E.  On The Present State Of Development And Questions Of Future Development In The 400m Hurdles For Women
___ ASB, V1-3, October, 1989; Svoboda, L.  Solving The Problem Of Coordination And Speed In The 110m Hurdles
___ ASB, V1-4; October, 1989; Burt, M.  Theoretical Applications...Distance Running; Exercise Physiology ...Distance Events; Distance Runner...Sports Psychology
ASB, V1-5, November, 1989; Ruud, J.S.  Sports Nutrition; Iron And Physical Performance
___ ASB, V1-6, December, 1989; Korchemny, R.  Review...USSR Women’s 100m Hurdles;  Jannek, L.  The Training ... 100m Women Hurdlers
___ ASB, V2-1, January, 1990; Coppenolle, V. et. al.  Evaluation Of The Start, Sprint And Body Composition Of Pavoni, Cooman And Desruelles
___ ASB, V2-2, February, 1990; Burt, M.   Distance Runner Sport Nutrition
___ ASB, V2-3, March, 1990; Dick, F.  Developing And Maintaining Maximum Speed In The Sprints Over One Year
___ ASB, V2-4, April-May, 1990; NSCA   Position Paper On Strength Training For Female Athletes
___ ASB, V2-5, June, 1990; Houtkooper, L.B. et. al.   Nutritional Status Of Elite Female Heptathletes
___ ASB, V2-6, July-August, 1990; Dotta, G.  The 200 Metres Race - A Retrospective View Of Its Development
___ ASB, V2-7, September, 1990; Breiser, V. & Korchemny, R.  Skill Analysis Of Leading Women Hurdlers
___ ASB, V2-8, October, 1990; Breiser, V. et. al.  Tendencies In The Development Of Women For 400m Races With Hurdles

___ ASB, V2-9, November-December, 1990; Turek, J.G.  Training Manual For The Novice Javelin Thrower
___ ASB, V3-1, January-February, 1991; Myers, B.  Restoration For Jumpers; Plyometrics; Developing A Strength Training Program For The High Jump; Training Progressions...High Jumper
___ ASB, V3-2, March-April, 1991; Bartlett, R.M.  The Biomechanics Of The Discus Throw
___ ASB, V3-3, May-June, 1991; Nelson, R.C. & Chengulur, S.N.  An Overview Of Running Research; Williams, K.   Biomechanical Relationships In Middle Distance Running
___ ASB, V3-4, July-August, 1991; Nigg, B.  Jumping In Track And Field; Bibliographies - High Jump, Pole Vault, Triple Jump
___ ASB, V3-5, August-September, 1991; Hay, J.G.  The Biomechanics Of Triple Jump Techniques
___ ASB, V3-6, November-December, 1991; Dapena, J.   Introduction To The Biomechanics Of High Jumping
___ ASB, V4-1, January-March, 1992; Payne, H.  The Mechanics Of Hammer Throwing
___ ASB, V4-2, April-June, 1992; Gros, H.J.   Biomechanical Aspects Of Pole Vaulting
___ ASB, V4-3, July-September, 1992; Bosco, C.   New Test For Training Control Of Athletes
___ ASB, V4-4, October-November, 1992; Burt, M.   Miscellaneous Notes On Distance Training (Mechanisms, Energy Systems, Guidelines, Cycles)
___ ASB, V4-5, December, 1992; Burt, M.   Miscellaneous Notes On Strength, Technique, Power, And Speed Development For Distance Runners
___ ASB, V5-1, January, 1993; American Footwear Association.  A Study Of American Youth And Sports Participation
___ ASB, V5-2, February-June, 1993; Henson, P. et. al.  Predictive Testing For Athletes
___ ASB, V5-3, July, 1993; Henson, P.   Factors In Track & Field Performance
___ ASB, V5-4, August-December, 1993; Henson, P. et. al.  Talent Identification In Track And Field
___ ASB, V6-1, January, 1994; Vaughan, R. H.   Practical Applications Of Physiological Testing Of Distance Runners
___ ASB, V6-2, February-June, 1994; Vaughan, R.H.  The Etiology Of Anaerobic Fatigue; An Historical Perspective
___ ASB, V6-3, July-December, 1994; Vaughan, R.H.   Physiologic And Hematologic Responses Resulting From High-Intensity Training Among Elite Female Middle- And Long-Distance Runners
___ ASB, V7-1, January-June, 1995; Knudson, L.   A Systematic & Comprehensive Training & Competition Program
___ ASB, V7-2, July-December, 1995; American College of Sports Medicine  Position Stands & Opinions:  Use of Anabolic Steroids, Heat Injuries with Distance Running, Weight Loss, Alcohol Use & Sports, Females & Distance Running
___ ASB, V8-1, January - December, 1998; Rost, K & Schon, R (Germany), Talent Search For Track And Field Athletes

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